Our Services


Ice cold water coming out of the shower, clogged drains and faucet leaks are all frustrating and annoying. Most of us have encountered such aggravating situations and it is in those moments that you need a dependable plumbing service provider to come to the rescue. Plumbers SA is here, ready to cater to your requirements and provide quality services and the finest products, for an affordable price. Our certified plumbers propose numerous services including:
  • Cleaning clogged drainpipes
  • Replacing broken pipes.
  • Opening pipes blocked by tree root intrusion.
  • Repair and installations of plumbing fixtures
  • Gas line placement and eliminating dangerous gas leaks
We offer our comprehensive services at all time, not necessarily emergencies. We will help you keep your plumbing system properly maintained throughout the year by calling in for periodical examinations.


We can't control the weather, but we can control the schedule, costs, quality and safety.