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About Us

Plumbers SA is a home and office maintenance company with plumbing pipefitting and heating services as our specialties. A veritable one-stop-shop for all your property and office maintenance needs.

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Why us?

Plumbers SA cover most of the major Cities in South Africa as well as the surrounding suburbs. Should you be unable to find a plumber immediately available in your local area, we can assist pointing you in the right direction for someone who services that region.


1Will the plumber leave my house clean and tidy upon on completion of my work?
Yes. Our plumbers understand and respect they are entering your home and treat it with a high level of respect and professionalism.
2What are the kind of services that should be done by a professional plumber?
Plumbers fulfill a variety of work orders including the following: roofing, sanitation, irrigation, water supply, fire protection, and gas fitting. they are also experienced in fixing leaking taps, installing tanks to contain rainwater, and repairing clogged and leaky toilets and drains. They also install and repair hot water heaters, kitchens (e.g. appliances such as stoves, refrigerator/freezers, and dishwashers), and bathrooms (e.g. toilets, sinks, and bathtub/shower stalls).
3What is Plumbing?
Plumbing is defined as issues involving clean water flowing into your property. This includes issues such as a leaky tap, a blocked sink or simply changing your taps.
4What is Drainage?
Drainage is defined as issues involving waste water leaving your property, such as a blocked drain or smelly pipes.

Areas Covered

Your nationwide plumbing and drainage experts Plumbers SA is the place to turn for any of your plumbing or drainage needs across South Africa. We have a network of Plumbers ready to deal with your plumbing and drainage issues. From leaky taps to blocked drains - we can fix your issue for a fixed price. Book your Plumbing or Drainage repair and have a qualified vetted plumber at your door within hours.